Photovoltaic projects

SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. provides design of PV systems around the world, in accordance with international standards.
With the experience gained globally, SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. is able to offer its customers the opportunity to achieve Feed-in Tariffs for high quality photovoltaic projects.

SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. is able to offer, through its consultants and its engineers, specialist assistance for solar energy systems. Our solar team has advised on developments in Italy, Greece, South Africa, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala and Brasil.
SCS Ingegneria S.r.l. delivers a comprehensive package of solar services covering all aspects of the solar project lifecycle:
  • Technical and financial feasibility
  • Design and development including pre-contractual negotiations
  • Construction management including acceptance testing
  • Operational management services including asset management
  • Due diligence including technical, commercial and environmental due diligence services

Our clients particularly appreciate:

  • A significant track record in delivering high quality and focused due diligence services
  • Availability of highly skilled personnel with long-term industry experience
  • Flexibility and ability to rapidly turn projects around

Energy map

Global project

   3.600 MW
Below are shown the worldwide MW of wind farms, photovoltaic plants and due diligence, performed by SCS Ingegneria during its activity.



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